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Alan Fiore is a singer, songwriter, and producer from the suburbs of Connecticut. His love for music began at home, listening to his dad play the piano before he could even talk. At age four, he was enrolled into his Church's choir and was signed up for classical piano lessons against his own will. Despite hating every minute of it, he learned all his musical fundamentals through these two faucets.

As Alan approached his teenage years, he fell in love with the Beatles and was inspired to begin writing his own music. After writing music for a few years, he began taking his music to local producers. However, once the song had been recorded and finished, Alan was left unhappy with the final result. He wasn't sure how to explain it but this is when he started producing his own music.

By taking music technology and audio production courses at school, on top of scouring YouTube and the internet, slowly but surely, Alan began learning the in's and out's of music production. He started collaborating with friends who also shared similar passions in music, even featuring on a Sound Cloud song called "Lights" that racked up 86k streams. However, he was unsure if he wanted to pursue music as a career given the financial nature of a career in the arts.

Despite this, after graduating High School in 2021, Alan decided to attend Berklee College of Music to give him time to focus on the intricacies of music production and business. He has been writing and producing music from his dorm and collaborating with a multitude of different people. 

On April 15, 2022, Alan released his first single "Take the Bait!"and on May 20th his follow up "Next to Me". The songs performed very well amassing well over 30k streams and various blog, playlist, and radio station playlists. Alan's 3rd release, Locked Up, has just been added to repertoire on June 24, 2022. 



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